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About Me

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Balakumaran, one of the leading writers and novelists of the century, was born on 5th July 1946 at Pazhamarneri near Thirukkattupalli in Thanjavur District.

After passing out of the high school, he qualified himself in shorthand and typewriting and started his career as a steno and then made his mark as an official in a tractor company. During this tenure only he started composing poems i.e., in 1969 and then turned his attention to writing short stories and it is an undisputable fact that with his short stories numbering more than a hundred established his name in the history of Tamil literature as a rising star in the literary horizon of TamilNadu. Further to his credit he has penned more than two hundred novels that hold up to mirror the social and sordid realities of life and appealing conditions of our society. It is no exaggeration to say that his works sell like hot cakes in the market.

The following awards he has won bear eloquent testimony to his literary genius and it is in the fitness of things that he has got them in recognition of his contribution to Tamil Literature Irumbu Kuthiraikal, a novel won the award of Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiyar Endowment; another novel Mercury Pookkal was given illakkiya chinthannai prize. Kadarpaalam, an anthology of short stories, won the second prize awarded by the state of the Tamilnadu. Suga Jeevanam, a novel, was given the first prize by the government of Tamilnadu.

Coming to the themes he has dealt with in his writings, we have to say that he speaks of the family as the most important social institution and lays much stress on the place the women deserve to get in society. Further he goes on to emphasize the need for the self-awareness for which, he says, meditation, breathing exercises are much necessary. His works bring out the fact that the progress of an individual only is the progress of society and he preaches this philosophy in a simple style in his writings for a better understanding of the common man.

Shakespeare says that great men have great mothers and this saying holds good in the case of our writer because he owns much to his mother for what he is today. His mother only brought him into touch with the ancient literature and imbued in him the taste for Tamil literature she cast him in the proper mould inculcating in him the values of the age old Tamil culture and the glories of the ancient Tamil Literature. Her experience as a teacher for about 36 years helped her to shape the growing mind and bring out the latent genius in him.

He does not stop with writing mere stories but uses them as a good vehicle to propagate the greatness of the 18 sithars, Thevaram and Thiruvaasagam and the explanatory notes he introduces in the middle of the narration of the stories have a great impact on the minds of the readers in the sense that thy are induced to read all those religious pieces in all avidity.

To add further he makes use of his experiences and knowledge of various fields of occupations in placing the events of the stories in this settings that help in understanding of the different fields of work.  Examples, logistics, vegetable market, airport, etc.

They present vivid pictures of the life of the people dealt with exposing the darker side of society causing some social awakening.  Balakumaran’s genius ins manifold.  His forte is not just storytelling, it extends to the Tamil Cinema also. He has gone down in the history of the Tamil cinema as a great script writer and proved himself as a talented dialogue writer catering for the different tastes of the varied sections of the cinegoers.

A special mention has to be made about his contribution to the cine field; he collaborated with director Balachandar who has scaled to the Himalayan heights in taking the Tamil cinema on its forward march, Sindhu bairavi, punnagai mannan and kannad film sundara choppanakalu are the films he has done with Balachandar.

The other films he is involved are: Nayakan, Guna, Shenbagathotam, Gentleman, Kaadhalan, Kilakkumalai, Maathankal elk, Ragasiyapolice, Baasha, Sivasakthi,Ullasaam, Velai, Jeans, Mugavari, uyirile kalandhu, Citizen, Majnu, Kaathal sadugudu, King, Manmathan, Kaalaba kaathalan, Pudupettai and Vallavan.

Of these films Guna won the Cinema Express award. Gentleman and Kaathalan won the acclaim of the press for their dialogues and Kaathalan-state Award for excellent Script Writing. Chennai Lions Club awarded him an honourary title, Chinthanai Chemmal, Aanmeega Eluthulaga Vithakar - Title was conferred by Jagathguru Sri Jayendra Swamigal.

Though he has crossed 69 now, he is not tired of writing he continus to involve himself in his literary pursuits and contributes to the Tamil Cinema.

He has brought out many works that deal with the exploits of Lord Krishna and his novel Thulasidas gone down well with the readers as it pictures the leelas of krishna in a different manner. His greatest contribution is udayaar, a lengthy novel running into about 2650 pages, that brings out the achievements of Raja Raja Cholan and the special features of the great Thanjavur temple. It has created history in the market as the best sellers as it brings the younger generation to know about the greatness of the chola period.

He has scripted and written the scenario for mannar Basakar Sethupathi, a serial in a television channel.

The gifted writer has been gifted with two wives, Kamala and Santha and children, one daughter named Sri Gowri and a Son, Venkataramanan. Sri Gowri did M.Sc Bio-Chemistry and after a short stint as a professor in a college got married to Chi.Ganesh. Now they are in Sharjah with their son Akash.

Selvan Venkataramanan alias Surya after doing B.com and M.B.A served in Tata Consultancy Services as an administrative head for some time but his interest lay in arts and he felt that he was cut out for directing films only. So he quit that job and he is now getting apprenticed as an assistant director. He is recently married to sow.suganya.

An another novel with four parts about King Rajendra Cholan, who won the entire east Asian countries like Burma , Bangkok and Malaysia. Again this is a hard case at the literary market.

Sorkam Naduvilae, a novel, a deals with the world beyond death. It has been written in an unusual and a new angel. Paagasaalai, a good novel, speaks of the relationship between a guru and disiple who is separated from the parents and brought up by the guru only.

Vetri vendumenil is a simple treatise guiding the youngsters to shape themselves in nobler channels.

Baghavaan Sri Ramana Magarishi, a biography of the great spiritual leader of Thiruvannamalai, was serialised in Anantha Vikatan; It was brought out in a book form afterwards and the reception was very warm.

At present he has finished Sri Krishnaavathaaram with the first part and the second part written fully, appears as a serial in Palsuvai.

The latest of the list in Gankai Konda cholan about king Rajendra cholan.  Running into 2306 pages, it deals with the rule and achievements of Rajendra Cholan.

A long nonfiction about his spiritual experiences with his guru Yogi Ramsurathkumar of Thiruvannamalai and his descriptive about Hindu Philosophy and its greatness which is ready to be published. This will make him much more popular with youngsters.


``தமிழ் பண்டிதை`` அமரர் சுலோச்சனா
Mrs. Kamala Balakumaran
Mrs. Santha Balakumaran
Mr. Ganesh, Mrs. Srigowri Ganesh
Mr. Surya, Mrs. Suganya Surya
Mr. Akash
Mr. Ayaan (a) Vasudeva Krishna